Tumblr and the Obsolescence of “Old Meme”

I tend to make my vitriol posts in the morning, and I tend to make those posts on Tumblr. This is sometimes a good thing, as once I’m awake and caffeinated and I’ve moved onto other things I’ve also moved past vitriolic anger and just don’t want the headache of dealing with speaking my mind. I usually mean this in the fandom sense; though I’m passionate about more important topics, other people are better at discussing that shit than I am. I leave it to them. Sometimes this is a bad thing, though, since I’ll make the post and then be out of commission for three hours at work or running errands, and realize I’ve made a mistake. Fandom loves to speak its mind and Tumblr is the most incredible mind-meld I’ve ever seen. And even though I often try to make my points as humorous and succinct as possible, sometimes my opinions just come out like so much acidy spit and I can’t blame people for taking it personally.

Such is the case with Old Meme.

Now, Old Meme is one of those concepts that probably has a better, less neckbeardy term, but “tired joke” just doesn’t carry the same weight as Old Meme does and sometimes we as an internet collective must admit that we owe some of our history to 4chan. I know, it makes my skin crawl, too.

I had a moment of Old Meme vitriol this morning. I was pushed one Jean Horse Joke too far.

If you’re already lost, let me explain. In any fandom, there are those jokes that you just wish would fucking die already and leave things to carry on so that maybe new, more exciting and less predictable jokes can take their place. Literally every fandom has these. I was in the Band of Brothers fandom and the Band of Brothers fandom had these. So that, I understand. In the Shingeki no Kyojin fandom, one of the most tired of the tired jokes is that Jean Kirschtein looks like a horse. This isn’t a fandom creation, which is the most heinous part: it’s a recurring joke in the source material itself. Here, I’ll just link to a blog post that better explains it, if you really want to know.

So, as a full-time internet and someone who’s been in the SnK fandom since the joke’s inception, I’ve seen it. That’s all, I’ve seen it, it was funny, it started to become less funny, it started to become predictable, and now it’s moved on to that stage where I can’t call it anything but Old Meme.

But on Tumblr, no one hears you Old Meme.

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I’m finally a damn dot com.

I haven’t had one of these since 2010 and even then it certainly wasn’t my name, but I guess I’m a brand now. Pardon me while I bust Nicki Minaj lyrics into the sunset.

What a Thought

I’ve been struggling a little, lately. The idea of my first series being fully published with nothing immediately on hand to roll out is troubling, to say the least. I’ve started a YA project and abandoned it in a slow burn of Not Being Able to Find my Voice, and along the way at some point I fell into a new fandom and one of my first fics for that fandom gained notoriety and visibility of the ol’ double-edged sword variety. While I think 1994 is good, it certainly wasn’t something I started as an earnest writing project. It certainly became that, but it’s still not The Next One, even considering its… if you’ll pardon me… titanic size. Fuck me that was the lamest joke I’ve ever made I’ll see myself to the trash.

A few weeks ago the idea for a new project took hold, and I think this might indeed be The Next One. As of now the project — a slightly but not overly ambitious fantasy story that involves dragons, creation myths, folklore, intrigue, mystery, and of course, lots of gay sex — has no official title. The almost regrettable working title is “Fucking Dragons”, which is not only my reaction to most of what my terrible protags get up to, but also a fairly accurate description of the plot. I’m on fire with these jokes, man. I’ve got a million of ’em and none of ’em come up when I’m actually trying to be funny. 

I’m calling it Tiopa for short, until I’ve got enough of a foothold to give it an actual title, and I’ve managed to finish two chapters and a detailed outline. 

I already have fanart, if you can believe that. Here, look:


I’d say things are going well.

Now, where was I? That one got away from me. Oh, yes! For the beta stages of Tiopa, Fucking Dragons, Sex Lanterns, or whatever other thing I’ve called this, I’ve been posting chapters via Tumblr by way of Dreamwidth, which, while a lovely little site, is largely useless for me except to protect my intellectual property. 

Like an average 90’s infomercial star I knew there has to be a better way, and then I remembered WordPress.

Oh yeah. This thing. Where I found my first taste of blogging fulfillment lo so many years ago.

So, what I’m saying is: follow for more awful jokes and/or puns and/or gay fantasy erotica in the making. Probably other things? I don’t know, I’m no fortune teller.