A Title looms in the distance, for now

As I start on Chapter Five of “Fucking Dragons”, with a small cadre of supportive beta readers to receive whatever I manage to come up with, I thought I’d drop by the ol’ official blog and make mention of a few exciting happenings. 

First of all, this:


That would be Emperor Lascien, courtesy of the beautiful (I mean that, she’s beautiful) Sam. Look at this smug bastard. Probably eyeing some poor unsuspecting provisory Senator and wondering how to ask him how long he’s been sleeping with the Captain of the guard, because trust me, Lascien knows. He can just sense that shit. 

Also, a title, however unexciting, may have finally found this story through no fault of my own. A big, dramatic reveal probably wouldn’t be best, the title being so underwhelming, but “Fortune of the Sun” sounds relatively nice. It would also, in the off-chance that I might sneakily be planning sequels, leave an opening for titles like “Wisdom of the Water”… among others…

So, I’m off to see which project I can sink my teeth into this evening. I hope all is well with anyone who happens by. Tiopa awaits.


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