Acclamation Playlists are (FINALLY) Here!

I finally got my act together and compiled playlists from the Acclamation series a couple of weeks ago!

These mixes are antiquity — they were my actual playlists during the writing of the books. I got so sick of these playlists that I’ve honestly blacklisted most of these songs for a couple of years. But now I’ve unearthed the old goodies, and I’m passing the fun along to Acclamation readers. Included are some song calls from the series itself, songs that are just evocative of the scenes and moods, and lots of Ayumi Hamasaki, sorry. No, I’m not.

Mix 1 –– acclamation; a playlist — for Book 1, “Acclamation”


1 ; love song; ayumi hamasaki || 2 ; a little respect ; erasure || 3 ; dancing queen ; ABBA || 4 ; all the right moves ; onerepublic || 5 ; bad sun ; the bravery || 6 ; head over heels ; tears for fears || 7 ; 18 nen’me no yoru ; date kouji|| 8 ; goody two shoes ; adam ant || 9 ; hallelujah ; rufus wainwright || 10 ; like a stone ; audioslave || 11 ; a beautiful mess ; jason mraz || 12 ; come rain or come shine ; frank sinatra || 13 ; brighter than sunshine ; aqualung || 14 ; sparks ; overseer || 15 ; 3 libras ; a perfect circle || 16 ; deep inside of you ; third eye blind || 17 ; til kingdom come ; coldplay

Mix 2 — acclamation; another playlist — for Books 2 & 3, “Reclamation” and“Intimation”


1 ; make this go on forever; snow patrol || 2 ; chariots rise ; lizzie west || 3 ; mexico ; jump || 4 ; passion ; utada hikaru || 5 ; how to save a life ; the fray || 6 ; stay ; belly || 7 ; runaway ; kanye west || 8 ; nice dream ; radiohead || 9 ; free & easy ; ayumi hamasaki || 10 ; age of consent ; new order || 11 ; momentum ; ayumi hamasaki || 12 ; slow burn ; david bowie || 13 ; heartless ; kanye west || 14 ; i love you ; sarah mclachlan || 15 ; love lockdown ; kanye west || 16 ; lovestruck ; iko || 17 ; god only knows ; beach boys || 18 ; gravity ; coldplay

Mix 3 — acclamation; the long last drive — for Book 4, “Proclamation”


1 ; oh my god; mark ronson ft lily allen || 2 ; walk away renee ; the left banke || 3 ; whatya want from me ; adam lambert || 4 ; blackout ; muse || 5 ; exodus 04 ; utada hikaru || 6 ; a summer song ; chad and jeremy || 7 ; finest worksong ; rem || 8 ; nice dream ; radiohead || 9 ; i want you ; third eye blind || 10 ; fall away ; the fray || 11 ; november ; ayumi hamasaki || 12 ; as i lay me down ; sophie b hawkins || 13 ; electrolite ; rem || 14 ; like a prayer ; madonna || 15 ; forgive me ; missy higgins || 16 ; seven days war ; ayumi hamasaki


2 thoughts on “Acclamation Playlists are (FINALLY) Here!

  1. 1994 (aka Too Much Fun and Too Real To Actually Exist/GothDonutBoy and WTF EREN, AGAIN?!)
    I think my parentheses kind of sums up the gist of my adoration for this fic. I have to say before I say anything else that I have given this fic more than just a few rereads. Well, yes there is that…but also my friend and I are currently reading the whole damn thing OUT LOUD. We take turns reading each chapter and the amount of fun we’ve had BECAUSE of your fic is something I should sincerely thank you for. Usually when I read fics I’m rather wary of the typical stereotypes and the generic they meet, and then they fell in love stories. Your story is special because it’s a ‘coming of age’ story and as loathe as I am to slip into a little category pocket…it’s a fair assessment of the general heart and core of this fic. It’s never really about their romance…it’s never really about the love…or the sex (though, yowza…literally fanned myself at some points, mama mia…) it’s…bugger me I don’t wanna say ‘journey’ because then I think of “Go the Distance” from Hercules and I’ll get all the Disney songs that’ll bombard me out of my head in approximately 900 billion years give or take a few. So I don’t WANNA say journey…but yeah…it’s what they learn about themselves more than what they learn about each other that sells it for me.

    I’m just gonna get this out of the way quickly because it’s kind of a requirement…THANK YOU MERRILY AND SHIT for understanding that Levi is NOT simply a stone cold, unemotional ass hole that can do no wrong. I swear to god, every time I read that, I screw up my face so hard I create a black hole and my mouth just dissolves into oblivion. Ugh. The reality (especially in the cannon) is that he does do wrong, and while no one indulges his humility by pointing it out because they are understandably blinded by reputation and circumstance…he himself is more aware of it than anyone could ever comprehend. You can clearly sense that in his backstory and in the current Shingeki manga as well (anime hasn’t done it justice yet I’m afraid.) I know that some fans feel he’s the living image of the ideal sex god/hard core hero (-.-) and in turn you’d think this makes him the least relatable character. Actually I find that opposite is true, he’s most relatable because he clearly can’t give two shits about his status or what people think he is. He polishes his flaws with consternation and this raw tenderness…he’s so self-aware it literally seems to overwhelm him sometimes. It’s people imprinting the idea of him doing no wrong that makes him seem cold and indifferent to the praise…but in truth he himself just doesn’t believe it or doesn’t think he truly deserves it. I can relate to that in a way I’m sure many can…I may be a good person…but it doesn’t mean I don’t punish myself with words like ‘selfish’ and ‘not good enough.’ I need someone else to tell me to back off the hate before I impale my self-esteem into the ground. He’s been through a lot so he’s reserved, and guarded. Nothing encapsulates that essence as much as I’ve found your fic has.

    Eren of course thank the gods is a fail beyond fail licensed and registered as the cadet fail the failiest fail of failtown failsylvannia. He’s so goddamn earnest; it literally cripples him before he can even take two steps in the wrong direction. That’s just the best part though! He fucking FAILS but damnit does he fucking TRY! You cannot say that little ball of spunkitude isn’t giving it a damn good shot…and then another…and another…and another…and then after a possible concussion and ER visit later…he’s going for another try while Mikasa and Armin man all battle stations and chase him around the town trying to tranq the little shit. Great, wonderful, stupendous, thank fucking FUCK because man do we ALL need that motivation. In the land of ‘I can’t be bothered to go buy groceries let me order them online’ motivation is starting to become our downfall. Not that I’m not guilty, if not fucking handicapped by that exact statement I just made…it’s just so true. Your Eren is just so stupidly real…because he never fucking learns, now does he? Of course not, I mean…do we? Maybe after we’ve broken a bone or two…maybe…and this is why he’s so damn likable.

    So yeah…characters…you know I totally believe you’re AN’s when you say this fic started off as much more light hearted fun than plot. I mean…with all the energy you didn’t put into a teen angst melodrama plot (which all high school AU’s soon become if not treated with shards of reality) you were really able to just pamper these cuties in character development. In fact my favorite chapter is the Erwin and Levi chapter. Strange because while I do ship Eruri…I’m a hard core Ereri fangirl. However, this chapter was…I realized that the fic though told in Eren’s POV the majority of the time…really didn’t have as much of an impact as an Eren coming of age story…but it’s Levi’s trials and tribulations that for me are what made the story stand out. We get to experience a lot of first with Eren and all…but it’s kind of the fact that we get to REDO Levi’s…everything that Levi signed off from…everything he never thought he’d achieve…that’s what gets me. We get to see him start to explore the concept of not starting over…but moving on and both not regretting his past and every moment of his difficult life…but appreciating that he’s gotten past that and holy shit there’s more, more to everything beyond heart ache and mistakes. I mean I like that we get to see Eren grow up from being a kid to being a kid (but with more life experience)…but we get to see a man accept the possibility that he’s allowed to keep growing up too. Reaching the point of misery and being burdened by responsibility doesn’t secure you as an adult. You can have that when you’re young too, it means jack squat. Growing up isn’t just bills and taxes…it’s understanding the youth that you will still have in you and the naiveté you can never completely escape from even when you’re paying a mortgage. There’s always going to be new things approaching and you will never see it all and you don’t have to regret it all. We can have that from Levi. We got that from Levi. At least I did.

    Seriously…the best part of this fic is that we don’t have to see Levi go through the drug abuse (not that I’d particularly mind…but this just seems more potent of a message) but we do get to feel the impact it’s had on him and get to see him leave that torment behind him. Sure, clearly it stills seeks his vulnerability whenever he least expects it, it’s the murky shadow beneath his eyelids that follows him around…but that’s not all there IS to him. He’s not just a fucking wreck. He’s a goddamn person with more than his adolescent years to define him. I know I focus a lot more on Levi than I do Eren…but it’s just because I honestly think Eren’s the bones of the story…but Levi’s the anatomically correct heart. I could go on and on about how their relationship is so very true to real relationships…like YES Levi asked Eren if he needed to piss before sex because YES. The only reason porn looks so fucking flawless (and therefore fake as fuck) is because it’s goddamn scripted. Not the case in real life. It’s messy, awkward, filled with long pauses and whatdoyouknow communication! Sex shouldn’t really be fun to look at…because the two people having sex are usually too damn busy concentrating on feeling good to give a damn about moaning for a camera. All these things I love about your fic…my friend and I really are tempted to roleplay Levi’s back story a bit for kicks…but I’m so tempted to not do it just because I like the vagueness of his hurt. I can separate myself from what he used to be and just see him as he is now. There is no biased and that just for me feels more right.

    God I’m digressing so much…but that’s kind of all this thing is…so wheeeeeee, lalala fuck it!

    I’m just gonna cut it off here cause I hope to (maybe, hope so, what do you think?) talk about this a bit more some other time with you.


    Ahhhh dear me my insecurity is showing…now where did I put that silly ol’ individuality of mine?

    Ah there it is!

    Sin-cerely, Seas

  2. I don’t know what to say… I’m blushing, certainly, and humbled. Thank you very much, it’s comments like these that remind me why I’m still so proud of 1994, after being removed from it. I’m glad that my affinity for coming of age stories comes through – and hey, you pointed out my favorite chapter as your favorite chapter so that means a lot to me as well!

    I started the whole thing near the beginning of the SnK phenomemon — so I was able to develop Levi’s character in the story removed from the cliches and tropes that the fandom would push upon him. Eren, as well. A lot has since poisoned fandom for me, so I’m really glad I got to write 1994 before all that. I’m not going to sit here and roll around in the compliments and pat myself on the back, which I’m sure wasn’t your intention anyway. I’m just really glad because you hit some bullet points that were really important to me, things I hoped I was adequately expressing. *hugs you* Thank you, dear. Thank you so much!

    Yeah, on that note, I’ll add: please read this, if you want to get my final word on 1994. It’s just a hard thing for me to actively discuss. I do love the feedback, still, and I appreciate it to the bottom of my heart, but yeah…

    Again, thank you so so much. ilu for the beautiful comment.

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