About Vee

My name is Vee and I write words. I do this well, I suppose. I’ve been told as much. I’m currently residing in Florida and I’m in my thirties. Neither of those things excite me. What does excite me is what I do. If you’ve found me here, you may be familiar with my work, whether it’s my original writing, fanfiction, or J-Pop blogging. If you’re new to all of that, welcome!

As a writer, I cut my teeth on the works of Richard Adams, Stephen King, and Hunter S. Thompson. How I went from those gents to writing the loads of gay sex and unabashedly loving character study I tend toward, the world may never know. That would be presuming the world wants to know, however, which is unlikely.

This blog isn’t concentrated to one particular thing, but you will probably find me talking about my current writing projects (fandom and original) Shingeki no Kyojin, idols (AKB48 and 48-family, Morning Musume), Ayumi Hamasaki, Kuroko no Basket, social politics (queer issues, racism, sexism, rape culture, classism, workers’ rights, and mental health are all very important to me).

I’m also into fashion, menswear, puppies, kittens, cute animals, some kinky shit, swearing a lot, and playing World of Warcraft until I ask myself why I’m even doing that when I could be writing. This blog is a mess. I am a mess. Feel free to drop me a question or a comment, I’ll do my best to offer an answer that is both up to my witty standards and more than two syllables in length.


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